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If you would have asked me at the beginning of 2020 if Physical Therapy could be done remotely, I would have said "No Way!".  I thought because of the manual nature of what we do it wouldn't work.

Then, along came COVID-19, and the resulting social distancing.  It wasn't soon after that we found many of our patients either were not appropriate to have in the clinic, or were concerned about going outside their home.

We quickly began looking for ways to still get our patients the care they needed, while not exposing them to unnecessary risk.  Through that process, we dove deep into the world of Telehealth!

I have been pleasantly surprised with how wrong I was. Physical Therapy can be done remotely, and the results we are seeing are truly surprising!

    Telehealth is for Someone Who Is...

    • Stuck inside on quarantine
    • Wanting to social distance
    • Unable to leave home
    • Sick and doesn't want to share
    • Has family who is immunocompromised
    • Doesn't have the time to attend therapy
    • Any other limitation on travel

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    There are some things Telehealth can't help with.  Check out the video below to see one of them!

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