Surface Topography (Diers Formetric)

Radiation Free Imaging! We use surface topography to image our scoliosis, and other spine deformity, patients.  It is an amazing addition to our specialty!

The Diers Formetric is one of the BEST surface topography scanners in the world.  Along with that, the Formetric located at Align Therapy, is the only one in Private Practice in the Western United States.

Surface Topography does not take the place of an x-ray, instead, it gives us a way to monitor scoliosis, as well as assess posture, without needing to use radiation.

The following are some of the ways we use Surface Topography to give superior care:

    • Education on postural imbalance and 3D curvature
    • Helping to determine leg length differences
    • Allow for imaging during corrective exercise
    • Reduce the need for x-ray in those with no progression
    • To get objective data on the curve

    Click on the Video below to see Surface Topography in Action!

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