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We help people with Scoliosis Stop Progression, Reduce Pain, Improve Posture, and Avoid Surgery using the most current treatments available.

Welcome to the Scoliosis Portal!  Here you will find information on scoliosis and scoliosis specific exercise, videos to help you see what treatment is like, and education to help you decide if Scoliosis Specific treatment is right for YOU!

Have you been told any of the following?

    • Lets just wait and see if it gets worse.
    • When it gets bad enough then we will do surgery.
    • Scoliosis doesn't cause pain.
    • There is nothing that can be done for scoliosis.
    • You will just have to live with it.

    If so, you are in luck!  There are things that can be done for scoliosis and more research is being done all the time to determine the best treatment methods.

    Proactively treating scoliosis yields excellent results, and should be the standard of care.

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    Scoliosis Specific Treatments

    The Schroth Method

    The Schroth Method was developed based on the principles developed when Katarina Schroth found ways to treat her own scoliosis in the 1950's.  She noticed different movements and exercises minimized the look of her scoliosis.

    Today, the Schroth Method is somewhat different than the original techniques due to changes based on research and changes over time.  It is the most researched of the scoliosis treatment methods and is very comprehensive.

    Click on the video below to see the Schroth Method in action! 

    The Schroth Method requires a commitment to doing exercises on a regular basis.  Usually, patients are asked to perform exercises 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.  The exercises are designed specifically for each individual curve.

    This method provides a basis for our scoliosis program and can also be used to treat other spinal deformities.  Certification for this method was completed through the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School where we have both C1 and C2 level certification.

    The SEAS Approach

    The SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) Approach is based on exercises and movements developed in Italy to treat scoliosis.  Michele Romano developed it based on specific movements to counteract the scoliosis curve.

    We are certified in the SEAS Approach and use it in conjunction with the Schroth Method to achieve the best results possible.

    Surface Topography

    Using Radiation Free Surface Topography for imaging of the back has helped us to stay on the cutting edge of Scoliosis Treatment.  With the use of our Diers Formetric, we can education and treat better to yield better results.

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