Information For New Scoliosis Patients!

Welcome to Align Therapy!  We are so excited to see you.

Our Mission is to help those with Scoliosis reduce pain, limit progression, and avoid surgery.  

IMPORTANT!  Read Below for Instructions BEFORE your visit.

    • Please bring a copy of your x-rays if you have them.
    • Wear something comfortable that you can move in.
    • Females, wear a sports bra so we can take a look at your back.
    • Come with any questions you may have.
    • Try to complete paperwork before you arrive

    What to Expect on Your First Visit!

    When you arrive, you will be asked to finish any paperwork you have not completed prior to your visit.  Please try to complete this before to allow for more time during your visit.

    Your Physical Therapist will meet with you in a private room and ask you questions to get a better idea how to treat your curve.  If you have x-rays, those will be discussed.

    Pictures of your spine will also be taken to compare before and after as well as document your progress.  Your height will also be measured.

    Your therapist will then evaluate your back by testing your strength, flexibility, and mobility. This may include pushing on your back, having you go through some motions, and other tests as needed.

    After the examination, your diagnosis will be discussed along with your treatment plan.  You will also have the chance to ask any questions you have.

    When your questions are answered, you will then begin treatment with instruction on the foundation exercises to treat your curve.

    Fill Out Your Paperwork!

    You will receive and email with a link to an online form where you will need to fill out information about yourself BEFORE coming in.  Please try to get this done prior to your visit.  If you aren't able to access it or run out of time, we will have you do this when you arrive, so please arrive a little early if that is the case.

    If you don't get the email with the link, please let us know and we will make sure you get it!

    Curious about Scoliosis Treatment?

    Read below to learn more about methods to treat scoliosis and kyphosis.

    Scoliosis Specific Treatments

    The Schroth Method

    The Schroth Method was developed based on the principles developed when Katarina Schroth found ways to treat her own scoliosis in the 1950's.  She noticed different movements and exercises minimized the look of her scoliosis.

    Today, the Schroth Method is somewhat different than the original techniques due to changes based on research and changes over time.  It is the most researched of the scoliosis treatment methods and is very comprehensive.

    Click on the video below to see the Schroth Method in action! 

    The Schroth Method requires a commitment to doing exercises on a regular basis.  Usually, patients are asked to perform exercises 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.  The exercises are designed specifically for each individual curve.

    This method provides a basis for our scoliosis program and can also be used to treat other spinal deformities.  Certification for this method was completed through the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School where we have both C1 and C2 level certification.

    The SEAS Approach

    The SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) Approach is based on exercises and movements developed in Italy to treat scoliosis.  Michele Romano developed it based on specific movements to counteract the scoliosis curve.

    We are certified in the SEAS Approach and use it in conjunction with the Schroth Method to achieve the best results possible.

    Surface Topography

    Using Radiation Free Surface Topography for imaging of the back has helped us to stay on the cutting edge of Scoliosis Treatment.  With the use of our Diers Formetric, we can education and treat better to yield better results.

    Click HERE to learn more about surface topography and if it is right for you!

    What Others Just Like You Are Saying About Align Therapy!

    Looking for the equipment you need to do scoliosis specific therapy?  Check out our Scoliosis Equipment List by clicking on the button below.

    Scoliosis Equipment ListClick Here >>

    Meet Our Therapists

    With being a specialized clinic comes the need for highly trained and skilled therapists.  Only those with training and skills to match our core values are able to work at Align Therapy.  We have some of the best Therapists around, and they help our patients every day meet their goals.

    David Butler, DPT OCS

    Physical Therapist

    Born and raised in Utah, David founded Align Therapy in 2015 to provide specialized service in a way that was different than other Physical Therapy clinics.

    He is certified in the Schroth Method and SEAS Approach for the conservative treatment of Scoliosis, and is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist with an emphasis on the Spine.

    Dave loves running, swimming, mountain biking, and spending time outdoors with his wife, Dionne, and his 4 kids.  READ MORE....

    Dionne Butler, NCMT

    Massage Therapist

    Dionne grew up in Central Utah and received her Massage Therapy degree from Provo College.  She has been working with many different types of patients and when Align Therapy opened, it was a natural thing to add massage.

    She specializes in Deep Tissue massage but also has been working to develop Scoliosis and Spine Specific Massage Techniques to help with our specialties.

    Dionne loves volleyball, hiking, biking, and playing with her 4 kids.  READ MORE...

    Korey Derocher, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Korey is from Alabama but has grown to call Utah his second home. He received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2018.

    He has experience treating various orthopedic conditions in multiple healthcare settings. Always eager to learn, he is currently pursuing certification by the Scoliosis Barcelona Institute in the treatment of scoliosis using the Schroth Method.

    In his spare time, Korey can be found spending time with his amazing wife Allyson as they prepare for their firstborn son to arrive January 2019!  READ MORE...

    Charlene Nordhoff, PTA

    Physical Therapy Assistant

    Charlene jointed Align Therapy in 2018 and has experience treating a variety of orthopedic conditions.  She has been trained in scoliosis specific exercise as well as spine and orthopedic treatment.

    She enjoys being outside and active, and has a history in dance, martial arts, and Crossfit.  She is a great addition to the Align Therapy team.  READ MORE....