Scoliosis Equipment

Here you will find equipment for the Schroth Method and other Scoliosis Exercise!

    Below you will find a list of equipment we use to do scoliosis specific exercise. Click on the picture to purchase.  Ask your therapist to know what you need specifically. Check out the ALIGN STORE for other quality products.



    The main piece of exercise equipment for Schroth Method exercises.  These are well built and allow you to perform the same exercises as in the clinic.


    These Pull up bars can be used for a variety of scoliosis exercises. If you are not able to do a full stall bar set, this is great option.


    Belts like these are used to anchor the pelvis while doing Schroth Method exercises.  The can be found in a variety of colors and sizes.


    In the clinic, we use a climbing strap to anchor the belt to the wall.  It can be attached to a table leg, bed frame, or anything else that is sturdy.


    We use bean or rice bags to help with corrections in the Schroth Method.  These are usually a few different sizes, but these can be stacked to make larger or smaller.


    In the Schroth Method, there are a few exercises that use a small stool to keep the leg up.  This stool is a good height for most people and is sturdy.


    Many Schroth Method exercises are done lying on the floor.  If your floor is not soft, it is nice to have a good yoga mat to cushion the floor.


    Depending on your curve pattern, exercises in the Schroth Method utilize a half foam roll for support. This is a good quality roll that is not too long.


    Quite a few exercises in the Schroth Method involve hanging.  Looping this Spri Band around the bar can help to lessen the pressure on your hands.


    Posture is a very important part of scoliosis treatment. Retraining a forward posture can be especially helpful. This device is designed for that.

    Want to make scoliosis equipment yourself?  DIY?

    Some of our patients choose to make stall bars and rice bags themselves.  If you are used to woodworking and sewing, this may be the option for you.  Making things from scratch can allow for more customization.  The key is to have the equipment that you need.


    If you are handy with tools and want to build your own stall bars, they are not very difficult.  It just takes some time, patience, and some equipment.  If you need a specific height of stall bars, this may be the best option.

    Click HERE for detailed plans on how to build the same stall bars we use in the clinic.


    If you have some sewing skills and would like to make your own rice bags, you can download templates for them by clicking HERE.

    Looking For Equipment for Scoliosis Treatment?

    Check out the Align Store where you can find specific equipment we recommend to our patients.  This equipment, when combined with guided therapy, will help you to to achieve the results you want with scoliosis and other spine conditions.

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