How to use a Scoliometer to screen for Scoliosis

Scoliometers are used to measure the degree of trunk rotation in people with scoliosis.  The idea is very simple. The scoliometer is basically a level with a cutout for the spine, and specific degrees representing how much rotation is at each vertebral segment.  It is a great screening tool for scoliosis. It is considered positive at 5 degrees and above.

The Scoliometer doesn't replace x-ray as a diagnostic tool however.  It only gives the angle of trunk rotation, and an x-ray is need to determine the Cobb angle.

It is a great tool for anyone treating or screening for scoliosis.

Using a scoliometer can help justify referral to a pediatrician for follow up. Referral to an orthopedic specialist may be needed with larger readings.  A positive finding is also great justification for ordering an x-ray for evaluation.

When you see a curve measuring 5 degrees or above on the Scoliometer, consider sending them for evaluation using our Formetric to further image the spine. This will help determine the 3D component of the curve and get a baseline.  This can help determine if they would be appropriate for the Schroth Method.

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