Scheuermann's Kyphosis

We help people with poor posture, specifically Scheuermann's Kyphosis, reduce Pain and forward posture and Avoid Surgery

Looking for information on Scheuermann's Kyphosis?  Here, you will find information to determine what treatment is best for YOU!

Have you been told any of the following?

    • Lets just wait and see if it gets worse.
    • When it gets bad enough then we will do surgery.
    • Just sit up straight.
    • Nothing can be done because it is structural.
    • You will just have to live with it.

    If any of these sound familiar, you are in the right place! There are many things we can do for Scheuermann's Kyphosis.

    To figure out if a rounded upper back is just bad posture or actual Scheuermann's, you can look at the back with the person bending forward.

    If it is structural, you will usually see a sharper angle to the upper back curve.  This could be in the upper, middle, or even lower back.

    When Kyphosis is structural, it means the vertebral bodies are shaped with more wedging than normal.  This causes the normal curve of the spine to be exaggerated.  Stiffness and postural weakness then progress.

    There are other characteristics of Scheuermann's, like Schmorl's nodes and degeneration.  All of these make this deformity something that can't be "fixed".  That doesn't mean it can't be improved however.

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    Kyphosis Treatment

    The Schroth Method

    Originally  developed as a treatment technique for scoliosis, the Schroth Method is a way to proactively work on kyphosis.

    Sometimes kyphosis is due to weakness of the postural muscles.  Other times, like with Scheuermann's, it is because the bones are shaped differently.  This type of kyphosis requires a specific approach to improve the curve.

    Using specific exercises, stretching, and postural correction in varying positions, we can improve the look and posture of the spine.  This is not easy, and takes time and work, but using the Schroth Method is effective.

    Manual Therapy and Strengthening

    Manual therapy can help increase mobility of the spine and ribs to reduce pain and improve posture.  If there is more mobility, then postural retraining is much more effective.

    Strengthening and stabilizing the muscles surrounding the upper back can help maintain improved mobility.  Core strengthening is also necessary to improve stability as well.

    Stretching of tight postural muscles can help improve the muscles ability to maintain less forward position.

    Surface Topography

    Using Radiation Free Surface Topography for imaging of the back has helped us to stay on the cutting edge of Kyphosis Treatment.  With the use of our Diers Formetric, we can education and treat better to yield better results.

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    Meet Our Therapists

    With being a specialized clinic comes the need for highly trained and skilled therapists.  Only those with training and skills to match our core values are able to work at Align Therapy.  We have some of the best Therapists around, and they help our patients every day meet their goals.

    David Butler, DPT OCS

    Physical Therapist

    Born and raised in Utah, David founded Align Therapy in 2015 to provide specialized service in a way that was different than other Physical Therapy clinics.

    He is certified in the Schroth Method and SEAS Approach for the conservative treatment of Scoliosis, and is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist with an emphasis on the Spine.

    Dave loves running, swimming, mountain biking, and spending time outdoors with his wife, Dionne, and his 4 kids.  READ MORE....

    Dionne Butler, NCMT

    Massage Therapist

    Dionne grew up in Central Utah and received her Massage Therapy degree from Provo College.  She has been working with many different types of patients and when Align Therapy opened, it was a natural thing to add massage.

    She specializes in Deep Tissue massage but also has been working to develop Scoliosis and Spine Specific Massage Techniques to help with our specialties.

    Dionne loves volleyball, hiking, biking, and playing with her 4 kids.  READ MORE...

    Korey Derocher, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Korey is from Alabama but has grown to call Utah his second home. He received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2018.

    He has experience treating various orthopedic conditions in multiple healthcare settings. Always eager to learn, he is currently pursuing certification by the Scoliosis Barcelona Institute in the treatment of scoliosis using the Schroth Method.

    In his spare time, Korey can be found spending time with his amazing wife Allyson as they prepare for their firstborn son to arrive January 2019!  READ MORE...

    Charlene Nordhoff, PTA

    Physical Therapy Assistant

    Charlene jointed Align Therapy in 2018 and has experience treating a variety of orthopedic conditions.  She has been trained in scoliosis specific exercise as well as spine and orthopedic treatment.

    She enjoys being outside and active, and has a history in dance, martial arts, and Crossfit.  She is a great addition to the Align Therapy team.  READ MORE....

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