Headache RELIEF!!!

woman holding her head because of a headache

An estimated 80% of us will suffer from tension-type headaches sometime during our lives.  The good news is that the right kind of headaches respond very well to Physical Therapy.  During my undergrad schooling at BYU, I called these my “Monday” headaches.  It seemed like every Monday, I would come home with a tension headache,…

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Got Vertigo? Stop the Spinning with Physical Therapy

blurred trees

Have you ever been so dizzy it feels like the room is spinning? Does this dizziness start when you roll over in bed or bend down to pick something up from the floor? Or have you ever experienced whiplash? If you have, there’s good news! You don’t have to live with it! Physical therapy can…

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What you NEED to know about Shoulder Pain

physical therapist instructing patient on exercise

What you NEED to know about shoulder pain Are you tired of your shoulder stopping you from doing the things you want to do? Physical therapy can help! Many people come to our clinic complaining that they cannot participate in the sport they would like to play or complete the job they need to get…

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The Secret of Choosing Ice or Heat

Fire and ice

One of the common questions I get as a Physical Therapist is, “When should I use ice, and when should I use heat for an injury?”.   Ice and Heat are among the cheapest, safest, and most accessible and direct ways of providing pain relief to our normal aches and pains.  Here I want to go…

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Need a Good Night Sleep? Try These Sleeping Positions

Have you ever woke up feeling like you were beat up? We all know sleep is very important and it seems to ruin your day if you don’t get a good night of rest. I get asked a lot of what is the best position for the body to be in while sleeping at night?…

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