Fitness First: How to Make Exercise a Priority

Man doing pushups with baby on his back

Whether training for a race, trying to stay in shape, or just wanting to be healthier, we all have intentions of exercising or being more active.  So why is it then, that so many of us fall short when it comes to our goals of being active? I see it all the time when it…

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12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

Man running while checking his watch

Half Marathon Training can be daunting, especially if you are not a runner or just starting out.  As I discussed in the previous blog post in this series, you have to be to a certain level of activity and fitness before really beginning specific training leading up to the half marathon.  In that post, I…

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Couch to Half Marathon: 6 Month Training Plan

running in a race with a bib

Welcome 2019!  With a new year comes new years resolutions and new emphasis and drive to exercise and become healthier.  It used to be that I hated new years resolutions and thought they were pointless because most of the time people don’t follow through with them.  The longer I am a Physical Therapist and even…

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Top 3 Running Mistakes to Avoid

Runner on grass with sunlight behind

The weather is finally warm, and running season is in full swing!  These days, it is amazing how many options we have in Utah for running events.  Ragnar’s Wasatch Back relay just finished, and there are almost countless half marathons, marathons, triathlons, and hybrids out there.  What a great state to live in with such…

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Top 5 Running Myths Busted

Woman running during sunset

I love the Fall running season.  The temperatures are cooler and running through the fall leaves is amazing.  The only thing better will be running in the snow!  This running season has been fun treating quite a variety of runners.  I have seen everything from the most seasoned ultra marathoner, to runners just beginning their…

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