Top 5 Exercises to Prepare for Utah’s Ski Season

Three kids skiing with helmets on

With the snow falling in Utah, we can definitely see that ski season is right around the corner.  One of my favorite things about the fall and winter is the promise of the greatest snow on earth in the mountains around Lehi.  We live in an amazing place for winter activities. Usually, I take my…

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Ergonomic Posture

Ergonomics is defined as the study of peoples efficiency in their work environment.  What most of us know ergonomics as our ability to have good posture while sitting at a computer or at work.  As a Physical Therapist I discuss ergonomics on a daily basis with my patients. One thing that is common with most…

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Telehealth And What Align Is Doing About COVID-19

Patient doing telehealth with his doctor with a cast on his foot

During this time of awareness due to COVID-19, we want to keep you updated on what we at Align Therapy are doing to limit the spread. Like all of us, we are concerned about the safety of our loved ones, our teams, and our community and we are doing everything we can to minimize exposure…

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Headache Relief Now!

woman holding her head because of a headache

Fall in Utah comes with quite a few headaches.  Going back to school is one for many of my patients, as well as for their parents.  For some, just the change in seasons brings on allergies that lead to headaches.  For others, headaches are a part of every season. Lately, I have been seeing many…

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Why Quick Fixes Seldom Work

physical therapist instructing patient on exercise

It seems like everywhere we look these days, people are looking for a quick fix.  Whether it is with our health or meals, or even relationships…we want everything to happen fast. My son is a great example of this.  Being seven years old, he wants everything to happen at lightning speed, and when it doesn’t,…

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diagram of pain pathways

My name is Bryan Smith, and I’m currently a physical therapy student at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, UT. I’ve had the opportunity to receive part of my education at Align Therapy in Lehi, UT, and let me tell you that this is a great place! You will not find more dedicated…

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Couch to Half Marathon: 6 Month Training Plan

running in a race with a bib

Welcome 2019!  With a new year comes new years resolutions and new emphasis and drive to exercise and become healthier.  It used to be that I hated new years resolutions and thought they were pointless because most of the time people don’t follow through with them.  The longer I am a Physical Therapist and even…

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Avoid Text Neck with These 5 Tips

people standing while on their phones with heads down

Are you suffering from Text Neck?  Maybe this is the first time you have heard of it, but Text Neck is becoming more recognized as a problem. As I started writing this post, I looked around the room.  The majority of those in the room were looking down at their phones or devices. The makings…

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How is nutrition affecting your pain?

image of a man flexing made out of fruits and vegetables

My job revolves around people coming to me wanting me to minimize or eliminate their pain, whether it is from an injury, surgery, or just chronic pain. I am a firm believer of staying active and performing specific exercises for specific conditions.  I also believe that good nutrition is an important piece to the puzzle…

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The Mystery of Scraping! (ASTYM)

You: “My elbow is killing me!” Your Friend: “You should get it scraped.” You: “What?!” “Scraping” is the street name nowadays for a manual therapy technique (ASTYM) that uses tools designed to promote healing for common sports injuries and even household chores! How many people do you know that have complained of having elbow pain…

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