Sad Bonsai and Telehealth

David Butler holding bonsai tree that is struggling

What does a Bonsai, TELEHEALTH, and Physical Therapy have in common?  Well, let me tell you! (Check out more information on TELEHEALTH on our website HERE) The Bonsai About 2 months ago, our faithful bonsai mascot in our reception area began to drop its leaves.  This wasn’t really surprising because bonsai’s do this occasionally.  It…

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Grandparents Going Stir Crazy?

Family at a cemetery in Payson Utah

Need an idea for Grandma and Grandpa who are stuck in the house? Social Distancing for COVID-19 really is a struggle when it comes to your grandkids!  I have seen this with my own parents as well as with many of my patients. How do you still interact with your grandkids, or nieces and nephews,…

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Telehealth And What Align Is Doing About COVID-19

Patient doing telehealth with his doctor with a cast on his foot

During this time of awareness due to COVID-19, we want to keep you updated on what we at Align Therapy are doing to limit the spread. Like all of us, we are concerned about the safety of our loved ones, our teams, and our community and we are doing everything we can to minimize exposure…

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Why the Bonsai?

bonsai silhouette

Recently, we have changed our logo to include a bonsai tree and our name to Align therapy.  (Check our our new website  Now, I frequently get asked “Why the Bonsai?”.   Here are a few of my reasons for not only choosing the bonsai, but for changing the name and logo. Bonsai’s require consistent care,…

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