Living with Adult Scoliosis with Kristen Davis

Kristen Davis on The Scoliosis Experience Podcast Episode

Episode 8: Living with Adult Scoliosis with Kristen Davis

In this episode, Kristen Davis shares with us her experience with scoliosis.  She has a unique perspective on scoliosis and tells us about what she has done for treatment.  She was diagnosed as a teenager and has had a long road learning how to manage her own back.

This is a great episode for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with scoliosis or someone who has been living with it for a while.  She gives some great advice for both groups.

In this episode, she talks about:

  • How she felt at diagnosis
  • What she has done in the past for treatment
  • What she currently does for treatment
  • Specific things to help you live better with scoliosis
  • Adult bracing and how it has helped her

One of my favorite quotes comes from this episode.

“Be Aggressive with Conservative Treatment so You can be Conservative with Aggressive Treatments”

You can contact Kristen at [email protected].

This episode is a great one to listen to, no matter where you are in your journey with scoliosis.

If you are in need of treatment for scoliosis, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] as well.

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